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Science & Engineering Research Service Centers at Tufts

The School of Engineering at Tufts University supports an array of laboratory core facilities designed to advance the research and educational efforts of University faculty, staff, and students as well as external academic and commercial organizations. These facilities are operated by experienced personnel to provide investigators with access to a wide array of techniques and services requiring expensive instrumentation, specialized facilities and/or a high degree of expertise to perform. 

We welcome inquires and service requests from investigators of all types.

For more information about our individual cores and available services, or to contact one of our Lab Managers directly, please click on the Core Facilities tab.



iLab Cores at Tufts University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Advanced Microscopic Imaging Center

Irene Georgakoudi 617.627.4353
Epitaxial Core Facility

Kevin Grossklaus 617-627-4611
Micro and Nano Fabrication Facility

Jim Vlahakis 617-627-5155